PART 1 WEBINAR - 5 Challenging Cases for Evotec's early Formulation Experts

Solubility and permeability are critical factors for the successful outcome of many drug development projects.

Throughout the course of Part 1 of this webinar series, our early formulation experts Doroty Codoni and Hira Akhtar will explore how they addressed bioavailability issues utilizing E.SOLVE in five cases covering:

  • Rapid delivery time
  • "Keep it Simple" (KIS)
  • Scientific driven approach
  • Alternative routes of administration

You will learn how bioavailability challenges can be overcome by combining formulation and process approaches to enhance the solubilization performance of the drug.

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Doroty Codoni,
Formulation Scientific Leader at Evotec

As a Formulation Scientific Leader in the Early Formulation team, Doroty is responsible for devising strategies for preclinical formulation development (oral liquid, amorphous solid dispersions, lipid-based formulations, parenteral, topical, nanoparticles). Doroty has 8+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
After her MSc in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology from the University of Camerino, Italy, she obtained a Ph.D. in Drug Delivery at the University of East Anglia, UK. She joined the Early Formulation team in 2015 as formulation scientist, progressing into technical project leader in 2017.



Hira Akhtar,
Formulation Manager at Evotec

Hira is currently Formulation Manager in the Early Formulation team at Evotec. She has 7+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and strong expertise in preclinical formulation development (oral solution, suspensions, amorphous solid dispersions, particle size reduction, parenteral and ocular delivery including intravitreal administration). She studied biochemistry at the University of Birmingham and obtained her MSc in drug delivery from University College London. During her MSc she worked on crosslinked cyclodextrin hydrogels for ocular drug delivery systems. Hira joined the Early Formulation team at Evotec as formulation scientist in 2014 (Kuecept acquisition) progressing into technical project leader in 2017.

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