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E.SOLVE accelerates your journey to the clinic supporting as early as possible your formulation strategy from discovery to market approval.

Challenging API?

With E.SOLVE, we take the time to thoroughly and carefully understand your API's physicochemical profile and bioavailability needs, combining data and expertise to create a panel of formulations and testing for the optimal results.

Enhanced Formulation For Improved Bioavailability

E.SOLVE includes a full range of approaches to improve solubility and bioavailability from solubilization, solid state modification, amorphous solid dispersion, particle size reduction, and permeation enhancement.

Faster Progression Towards Clinical Answers Through:

  • A holistic approach to smart screening
  • Formulation strategy driven by molecule physico-chemical properties
  • Limited amount of API required
  • Quick delivery of fit for purpose formulations
  • Rapid access to in vivo verification
  • Integrated multidisciplinary approach to de-risk strategy
  • End-to-end support for preclinical and clinical development
  • Complete flexibility to fit your project goal


Ask Our Experts

Watch to our two part webinar series highlighting case studies where our experts were able to "solve" bioavailability challenges by combining formulation and process approaches. 

Part 1: 5 Challenging Cases for Evotec's Formulation Screening Experts

Presented by Doroty Codoni, Formulation Scientific Leader, and  Hira Akhtar, Technical Project Leader.

Learn More

Part 2: Comprehensive and Integrated Formulation Development Case Study

Presented by John Nkornu, Senior Research Expert in Pharmaceutical Development, and Zsolt Lendvai, Research Leader in Formulation Development. 

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Quick Facts

Learn more about E.SOLVE it this short, yet informative factsheet.

E.SOLVE: Solving Bioavailability Challenges


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