Take a ride on the evotec "data-driven r&d autobahn to cures"

We recently hosted Innovation Week 2021 - 5 virtual sessions over 5 days which discussed:

  • How Evotec is using data and science across treatment modalities to accelerate innovation in the area of precision medicine to deliver enhanced speed, lower cost, and predictive efficacy

  • Our efforts in AI/ML in the design and development of both small molecules and antibodies, the importance of  biomarker development, targeting RNA, and our approaches to target validation

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Session 1

Drug discovery in the Evotec multiverse: Knowledge-driven integrated R&D

Adam Davenport | EVP, Head of Global Molecular Discovery
Tim James | VP, Head of Data Science
Christophe Boldron | VP, Head of Molecular Architects

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Session 2

The importance of precision medicine: How biomarkers optimize translation from bench to bedside and back

Elizabeth van der Kam | SVP, Translational Biomarkers
Christoph Schaab |
SVP, Head of Proteomics and Metabolomics

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Session 3

The early bird catches the helix: Expanding the druggable target space to RNA

Steffen Grimm | Group Leader, Hit ID and Biophysics
Hilary Brooks | Senior Research Scientist, In Vitro Pharmacology

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Session 4

Do firefighters cause fires? Establishing real disease associations through target validation

Hauke Cornils | VP, Early Discovery

Ken Young | Group Leader, In Vitro Pharmacology

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Session 5


Translate your idea into product: AI-driven antibody discovery at Evotec

Barbara Bachler-Konetzki | Group Leader, In Vitro Pharmacology
Randal Ketchem |
SVP, Discovery and Molecular Design
Maria Pilla |
EVP, Global Head of Preclinical Development

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All sessions are moderated by Christophe Muller, EVP, Global Head of Business Development and Ryan Brady, EVP, Head of Business Development